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The Birthday Party

This morning we had a group of Simon's little friends over for his first real birthday party. Entertainment was provided by a bubble machine, the iPod, and a number of paper airplanes we glued together last night after Simon went to sleep. Lots of fun was had and we are so glad we decided to fit the party into our schedule. It was very low stress for us and Simon was thrilled with the results.

Remember Nancy? Simon's former sitter and pastry chef extraordinaire? She made the cake.


Simon knew just what to do. Once we lit the candles he started singing "Happy Birthday" and when the song was finished, he blew each one out - one, two, three!


We waited until the airplanes stopped flying, the bubbles and music were turned off, and the guests had gone home before opening gifts. Simon really appreciated everything he received.


And then? He passed out. Being the center of attention is exhausting.